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NTK Initiative
The NTK Initiative helps physicians identify the most essential science from the thousands of articles and reports published daily in the field of medicine.

NTK Science Scoring SystemSM
NTK Scores are produced using the exclusive NTK Science Scoring SystemSM.  This unique, collaborative system is based on physician-submitted ratings of individual articles and reports.  Highly scored articles are deemed "Need-To-Know" and published, with their score, in NTK Watch.

Over 290,000 physicians collaborate in this effort by ratings articles according to these criteria:

Urgency - how soon the physician needed to become aware of this science.

Impact - the likelihood of this science impacting the physician's medical practice.

A Consensus score is also derived, representing the level of general agreement among those who rated the article.

The average rating received by each article is compared to the ratings that thousands of other articles receive.  The relative comparison is used to establish a percentile rank, which is represented on a 100-point scale as the article's NTK Score.  For example, only 12% of articles receive a score of 88 or higher.

If physicians would read two articles per day out of the six million medical articles published annually in one year, they would fall 82 centuries behind in their reading Miser WF, Critical Appraisal of the Literature. J AM Board Fam Pract, 12(4):315-333,1999.
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