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About the Institute
The NTK Institute is an organization that helps physicians quickly identify science that is Need-to-Know. The 290,000 physician members of the NTK Institute achieve this goal by using the NTK Science Scoring SystemSM and NTK Watch daily email newsletter. These tools enable physicians to rapidly access the most relevant, Need-To-Know information from the myriad medical publications in circulation today.


The NTK Institute is comprised of more than 535,000 members who subscribe to the NTK Watch newsletter or participate in the NTK Science Scoring SystemSM on network Websites  Membership is free and provides full access to NTK Scored articles – a reflection of the most essential science from over 2,000 peer-reviewed journals.

NTK Institute members have no formal mandate.  However, the Institute does ask for their continued participation in the identification of Need-To-Know science.

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If physicians would read two articles per day out of the six million medical articles published annually in one year, they would fall 82 centuries behind in their reading Miser WF, Critical Appraisal of the Literature. J AM Board Fam Pract, 
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