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The NTK Watch service, a collaboration of more than 535,000 members, is designed to assist healthcare professionals in identifying essential medical science.

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We would be delighted for you to subscribe to the NTK Watch Newsletter. In order to do so, please visit http://www.ntkinstitute.org/ntk/ntk.nsf/signup?openform and enter your information.

How do I change update my profile or change my email address? You may update your information at any time.
1.Click on "Update Your Profile" located in the right-hand column of your newsletter under NTK Watch Information. You may change your specialty, name and/or email address.
2.Click on "Submit" when you are finished. The changes will take place on your next issue.

Should you have any problems with this feature, you can also send us the information you would like updated and we will be happy to edit the information for you.

How do I add/delete Monitored Therapies?
You may customize your monitored therapies at anytime. Your "Monitored Therapies" section is located beneath the title "RECENTLY SCORED NTK ARTICLES OF INTEREST" contained in your newsletter. Type in the name of the therapy you would like to monitor. Click on "Add". To delete a monitored therapy, simply click (put a check mark) on the therapy box and press "Delete". Please note, all changes to your monitored therapies will be reflected on your next issue. You may only track 25 therapies at a time. If you cannot locate this option on your newsletter, or if you are having difficulties with this feature, please click here to contact us.

Why can't I access this article?
NTK Watch publishes either a summary of these medical articles or their abstract, however we do not write any original medical research articles. We suggest that it would be best to contact the authors/researchers of the article in question, as they would be in the best position to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding this issue.

Where can I find information for a certain drug and/or medical advice?
The NTK Watch service, a collaboration of more than 535,000 members, is designed to assist healthcare professionals in identifying essential medical science. Therefore, we regret to inform you that we do not have the appropriate staff (such as physicians, nurses or specialists) to advise physicians on their patients' care, on treatments, side effects or diagnoses, nor do we provide information about product availability or pricing.

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If physicians would read two articles per day out of the six million medical articles published annually in one year, they would fall 82 centuries behind in their reading Miser WF, Critical Appraisal of the Literature. J AM Board Fam Pract, 
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